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The Director of HJS Insurance Consultants speaking at Startup Europe Week Nicosia

Andreas Hadjisofocleous represented our company at the Startup Europe Week Nicosia event. Startup Europe Week, the largest entrepreneurship event in Europe, is an initiative of Startup Europe / European Commission. From 6th to 10th February 2017 the SEW put a spotlight on everything the regions are doing to support European entrepreneurs.

Andreas talked about entrepreneurship, failure and how important is perseverance in the business world. The talk was mainly focused on empowering young people to take the leading role in their life and to not be afraid to risk and fail. These values form the founding principles of our company. As part of our mission we believe that we have a social responsibility to improve the state of our community and empower the younger generation.

Startup Europe Week Nicosia 2019 Event Highlights

April 7, 2019

In "HJS Insurance Activities"

Πρόσκληση - Invitation Startup Europe Week 18 ~ Blockchain

February 27, 2018

In "HJS Insurance Activities"

ΔΙΟΡΓΑΝΩΣΗ ΤΟΥ STARTUP EUROPE WEEK 19 NICOSIA March 12, 2019 In "HJS Insurance Activities"

Συνέντευξη του διευθυντή της HJS Insurance Consultants στο
Information Visit to European Commission
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