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Cyber Risk Insurance

A Cyber Risk Insurance covers financial losses that result from electronic and web risks.

Covers a large range of risks including:

(a) Loss of information on a laptop or cloud due to hacking, virus or negligence

(b) Hacking of a website and disruption to a company’s web presence 

(c) Leak of personal / corporate information, propriety secrets and threats to publish information

(d) Appropriation and transfer of corporate information by employees

And the losses deriving as a result of those risks materialising, including:

(a) Legal, IT, Forensic and Reputation Expenses

(b) Data restoration expenses - including employee overtimes

(c) Data Protection Expenses deriving from GDPR provisions such as notification costs to data subjects, credit and ID monitoring costs and data protection investigation costs and fines

(d) Damages for Liability for loss of personal / corporate information or failure to notify data subjects

Cyber Risk Insurance Offer

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