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Submit a Complaint

We aim to provide an excellent customer service, for this reason we take special care to handle any concerns and complaints you may have in order to improve our services.​​

  • Do you have a complaint?
    If your complaint is related to the terms of your insurance contract, a claim or any other matter which is not related with the services we offer, please contact us to assist you in submitting a complaint directly to the insurance company. 
    If you are unsatisfied with the services provided by our insurance agents, you can submit a complaint form by clicking here.

  • The complaint has been submitted. What’s next?
    As soon as we receive a fully completed complaint form, we will notify you within a reasonable time period, regarding the procedure. The person responsible for handling your complaint will not be directly related to the complaint in order to ensure a fair investigation.

  • When will I receive an answer?
    We will aim to provide an answer to your query within 15 working days from the submission date of your complaint. We will notify you if longer time is required to resolve your matter.

  • What if the answer is not satisfactory?
    You can always contact us to explain the reasons for your dissatisfaction. Moreover, you have the right to appeal to any out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms under the relevant laws.

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