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Property Owners Insurance

This product is suitable for property owners who wish to cover their properties against all risks including their public liability as landlords. It covers Material Damage (“All Risks”), Business Interruption (“All Risks”) and Public Liability.

What is covered

1. Physical Loss or destruction of, or damage to the insured property by any accidental physical cause occurring at the insured premises.

Cover under this section includes:

  • Debris removal  

  • Professional fees

  • Works necessary to comply with regulations and requirements set by public authorities.

  • Keys & locks

  • Expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred in clearing, cleaning or repairing drains, gutters sewers, pipes, cables and telecommunication cables.

  • In the event of damage resulting from escape of water or oil, the costs necessarily and reasonably incurred in locating the source of the damage in order to effect repairs and the costs of making good


2. Loss of Rent


3. Public Liability

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