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Refer HJS Insurance to your friends & get rewarded!

What do you get?

You will receive 10% on your referral premium as credits if your referral purchases from us any insurance plan and keeps it for at least one year

What credits are?

  • Each Credit is equivalent to One (1) EUR and can be utilized to receive discount when purchasing or renewing an insurance plan from us.

  • The maximum achievable discount is 10% off your total premium on car or house insurance.

For instance, if you earned 100 Credits and would like to purchase an insurance plan which costs 200 EUR, you can receive a maximum discount of 10% (20 EUR). In this scenario, your credit balance will be decreased by 20 credits, and you will receive a discount of 20 EUR on your purchase.

  • When acquiring an insurance plan, any available credits in your balance will be automatically utilized to provide you with a discount.

How can you refer someone?

You need to create an account first. You will find your unique link in your account dashboard here. 

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