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Employers, Public & Product Liability

Your Business is your most valuable asset. We understand the risks involved in running a business. Our expertise in providing Business Insurance together with the startup and technology background of our directors enables us to better understand the needs of a modern business of any size.

Employers Liability Insurance is a Compulsory Liability Insurance in accordance with laws enacted in the Republic of Cyprus.

The minimum limits as required by the relevant legislation are:

  • For every employee € 160.000

  • For each incident € 3.417.203

  • For each insurance period € 5.125.804

Employers and public liability insurance

What is covered

  • It covers all liability in respect of Bodily Injury caused to an Employee arising out of and in the course of their employment or engagement by the Insured in the Business.

  • Optional Public Liability Coverage - The legal liability of the insured in relation to bodily injury, illness, accidental loss or damage to third parties within the premises of the insured

  • Optional Product Liability Coverage

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